ROZANOVA, Olga Vladimirovna
b.1886, Melenki, near Vladimir; d.1918, Moscow
Studied at the art school of A. Bolshakov, in the drawing and painting school of Konstantin Yuon and I. Dudin, at the Stroganov School in Moscow (1904-10), and at Elizaveta Zvantseva's school of drawing and painting in St. Petersburg (1912-13). Participant in exhibitions : Union of Youth (1911-14), International Exhibition of Free Futurists (Rome, 1914), Tramway V (1915), 0.10 (1915-16), Shop (1916), Knave of Diamonds (1915, 1917) etc. Lived in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Member of the Supremus group (1915). Designed Futurist books and almanachs from 1912. FourAces: Simultaneous Image. From the Playing Cards Series 1915

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