PAKHOMOV, Alexei Fedorovich
b.1900, Valramovo village, Vorogda Province; d.1973, Leningrad
Studied at the Stieglitz School in Petrograd under Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, V. Shukhayev, Sergei Chekhonin, Nikolai Tyrsa, Vladimir Lebedev and A. Karev (1915-17, 1920-22); then at the Academy of Arts / VKhUTEIN under A. Savinov (1922-25). Participant in exhibitions from 1922. Took part in the activities of the Union of New Tendencies (1926-32), member and one of the organisers of the Circle of Artists (1926-32). The Reaper(Harvest) 1928

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