MALEVICH, Kazimir Severinovich
b.1878, Kiev; d.1935, Leningrad
Studied at Kiev Art School (1895-96), Moscow Art School (1904-10) and in the studio of Fedor Rerberg in Moscow (1905-10). Participant in exhibitions from 1898: Moscow Fellowship of Artists (1907), Knave of Diamonds (1910, 1914, 1917), Union of Youth (1911-13), Donkey's Tail (1912), Target (1913), Tramway V (1915), 0.10 (1915-16), Shop (1916), World of Art (1917), 10th State Exhibition (K. S. Malevich One-man Show; 1919). Member of the Collegium on the Arts of Narkompros, the commission for the protection of monuments and the museums commission (all 1918-19). Taught at the Svomas in Moscow and Petrograd (1918-19), teacher and director of the Vitebsk Practical Art School (1919-22), director of the Museum of Artistic Culture of INKhUK (1923-26). Worked in the State Institute of Art History, Leningrad (1927-28), then taught at Kiev Art Institute (1929-30) and the House of the Arts in Leningrad (1930). His book, The Non-Objective World, published Munich, 1927. Among his most important theoretical works From Cubism to Suprematism (Petrograd, 1915). Suprematist Colour Construction 1910s Two Male Figures 1928-32 Head of a Peasant 1928-32 Vanka 1928-32 Female Torso 1928-32

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