FILONOV, Pavel Nikolaevich
b.1883, Moscow; d.1941, Leningrad
Studied in painting and decorating studios in St.Petersburg (1897-1901), at the painting and drawing school of L. E. Dmitriyev-Kavkazsky (1903-08), at the drawing school of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (1893-1901) and the Higher Art School of the Academy of Arts (1908-1910). One of the founding members of the Union of Youth (1910). Participant in exhibitions from 1910: Non-party Society of Artists (1913), Union of Youth (1910-14), Community of Artists (1921-22). Organiser of Masters of Analytical Art (1925-41 ). In 1914 set up a studio of painters and draughtsmen which he called eMade Paintingsf, published a manifesto, its second edition appearing in 1923 (Declaration of World Flowering). In 1913 worked with Iosif Shkolnik on designs for the tragedy Vladimlr Mayakovsky. In 1923 began work in the ideology department of the Museum of Artistic Culture, worked on the statutes for GINKhUK. In 1925 founded Masters of Analytical Art from participants in the VKhUTEIN. Formula of the Cosmos 1918-19(?) Collective-Farm Worker 1931 Goat late 1920s-early 1930s People early 1930s

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